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The purpose of this blog site is help me get my thoughts out on a number of different topics, while writing my first novel.  I will also share good tips and info that I come across to help fellow writers on the journey to becoming authors.  Please enjoy and feel free to share.


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Picture 001I am a writer, blogger and an aspiring author preparing to publish my first novel.   For as long as I could remember I been fascinated with writing and creating. I had been inspired to pursue my dream of being an author by many successful greats; Carl Weber, James Patterson, David Baldacci and Michael Connelly to name a few. People say that there are no original ideas left. In that statement lies my challenge to be as unique as I can be with my writing and to create original stories for all to enjoy. This is the new life I have chosen and the path I shall follow.

I have a Masters in English and Creative Writing.  I hold an uncanny respect for those who have come before me and make it possible for me to pursue my dream.  I’m a proud father of three and a follower of Christ.  My faith is strong and it keeps me grounded and humble.  I enjoy life and all that it has to offer, I welcome challenges, for they make me stronger and wiser. No matter how many time i fall, the number of times i get up will always be equal. 


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